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Data Backup & Recovery

Elite Tech Services offers Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions for Businesses


Be ready, have a plan, local and online backup and disaster recovery solutions.


If your servers went down all of a sudden, would you be able to restore them so you could continue to do business tomorrow? When your organization is down due to technical issues it costs you money and harms your reputation with your customers. No one thinks a disaster will happen to them, but your organization should have a plan in place to deal with one should the unthinkable happen. Don’t wait and find out the hard way that you weren’t prepared. Electronic equipment does not last forever even if it is maintained on a regular basis; power surges, hard drive failures, this list could go on and on.


Elite Tech Services can help you create your disaster recovery plan, we will work with you to determine what steps you can take to develop a plan and prepare for any disasters in the future. Elite Tech Services will take it one step further and actually test your new plan to ensure that it will work when you need it to. All too often inexperienced IT technicians setup a so called disaster recovery plan but never actually test the integrity of their plans. Offering software and hardware solutions including APC, Symantec Backup Exec, Citrix, Barracuda, Carbonite, iDrive,  and more.


If you already have a plan in place no problem, we also offer auditing services to test your plan to ensure data recovery success.


Elite Tech Services – Making IT Easy!

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